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Promoting better health at any age

Whether your interest is in health access or advocacy, health promotion or education, mental health, research, community health, support services or caregiving, health and aging are intertwined. Together, they are central to quality of life for older adults.

All too often, our society overemphasizes aging difficulties—disability, decline, disease, and dependency. But in fact, almost three-quarters of older people today are healthy. They want to be engaged in their communities. This engagement in turn promotes healthy aging and strengthens the vitality of our families, communities and the nation. Older people are unpaid caregivers, advocates for health reform, and volunteers in community programs; they are also parenting grandchildren and retraining in health care careers.

Clearly, we must attend to the needs of the small fraction of older, frail adults who live with chronic health conditions and need support to remain in their homes for as long as possible. A common assumption is that federal programs such as Medicare and Medicaid cover all the health care costs for older adults. The reality is that they don’t.

Improving health care for older adults improves care for all. As you will see in this section, grantmakers are advancing innovative and highly effective programs that improve the quality of health care and increase access at all levels, in local hospitals and clinics to multi-site national initiatives.

There are numerous ways your foundation can integrate aging with health funding. Chances are if you are funding in health, you already do.

For more information, see the boxed sections below or the GIA Issue Briefs on Healthy Aging, Disability, Frail Elders, Hospice Care, Mental Health, and Vision.

For quick links to each of the main sections in All Together: GIA’s Comprehensive Guide to Funding in Aging, please scroll down to the bottom of this page.

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Getting Started

First steps if you are interested in funding health and aging programs.
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Nurse assisting elderly man

Improving Health Care

How to make a difference in the quality of care we receive as we age.
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Mother and daughter

Caring For The Caregivers

Ways to fund the help, training, and support that caregivers need.
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Senior people doing tai chi

Promoting Wellness

A look at wellness programs that keep older adults active and healthier.
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Elderly woman in hospital bed

Advancing Better Care For Serious Illness And End Of Life

Learn how funders are improving care for those near the end of life.
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Additional Health Information

A list of helpful websites and resources.
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