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Consider the core values and understandings that underpin your foundation’s actions.

This knowledge will lead you toward funding options in aging that are a good fit for your foundation.
Consider these questions:

  • Does the foundation’s history, its founder, or descendants, suggest a particular focus for grants in aging?
  • Does the foundation prefer to meet basic human needs with its grants? Or does it prefer to foster independence, participation, and contributions by people? Or is there some other underlying value or style for grantmaking?
  • Does your foundation fund capital projects, general operating costs, program support, one-time projects, or start-ups?
  • What is the typical size of grants made by your foundation?
  • Has your foundation made any grants that directly or tangentially relate to aging?
  • Does your foundation have focus areas or patterns of interest in grantmaking that could be expanded to include older people?
  • How might the time and talents of trained older volunteers be used to enhance the results of current initiatives of your foundation?
  • Are there specific organizations to which grants have been made that also serve older adults, and to which new grants might be directed?
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