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A good place to begin is by contacting one of these national organizations, each of whom have programs and ideas and background information that may be helpful:

And of course, it is useful to check in your local arts agencies and aging services organizations to see what is already happening in your area.

With some background information, you might also consider any number of steps, including:

  • Hosting a learning session with local experts in creative aging programs, other funders, and community leaders working in the arts and in aging services.
  • Funding training sessions for grantees or the larger community on developing arts and creative expression programs for older adults.
  • Supporting collaboration between arts organizations such as theater and dance companies, choirs and bands, and museums, and aging services organizations such as senior centers, retirement communities, nursing homes, and others.
  • Creating a Creative Aging Project Fund in partnership with other funders that incorporate the characteristics of successful creative aging programs (See examples below).
  • Encouraging your current and prospective grantees to include creative aging programs and strategies through your grant guidelines or requests for proposals.
  • Learning about and/or supporting research and policy issues that support creative aging strategies.
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