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Learning across the lifespan

Quality educational opportunities are central not only to our communities today, but to our future. From providing safe and nurturing environments for our children to learn and grow to offering adults of all ages pathways to expand their knowledge or acquire the skills they need for a new career, education is a lifelong process that enriches all of our lives.

To put it simply, education is essential to making our communities great places to grow up and grow old. The accrued wisdom, knowledge, skills, and talents acquired over decades of living should be a valuable resource for our communities. Drawing on those assets by creating opportunities for older people to serve as mentors, tutors, or teachers for students benefits young and old alike.

We also need to ensure that our communities offer opportunities for all of us to continue to learn and grow and acquire new knowledge and skills as we age.

Grantmakers can play a pivotal role in helping their communities develop or adopt programs that make lifelong learning a reality, fostering innovative and creative ways for all of us to continue learning and help others grow as we age.

For more information about how to incorporate aging and older adults into your grantmaking around education, please see the boxes below.

And for quick links to each of the main sections in All Together: GIA’s Comprehensive Guide to Funding in Aging, please scroll down to the bottom of this page.

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Getting Started

First steps if you are interested in funding education and aging programs.
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Lifelong Learning Programs

Find information on programs that serve older learners.
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Older Adults Teaching Youth

Learn how engaging older adults in education can strengthen communities.
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Additional Education Information

A list of helpful websites and resources.
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