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Getting Creative

Arts and culture are central to how we live our lives. They create joy and inspire people to grow and develop. They provide a vehicle for people to come together, to celebrate the strength of our diversity, to build our communities.

We all benefit from the arts, no matter our age. Research has even demonstrated that the arts can increase our health, cognitive functioning, and well-being. Sharing the creativity, talents, knowledge and skills gained over a lifetime is good for us as we get older and good for the towns and cities where we live. Today, these efforts are developing momentum around the country.

A whole range of community-based organizations are poised to benefit from the energy and contributions of older people and their creativity. And there are many ways that you, as a grantmaker, can support and even replicate arts programs that engage us all as we age and become a part of what is known as the creative aging movement.

For more information, please review the information here or check out the GIA Issue Brief on Arts and Culture.

For quick links to each of the main sections in All Together: GIA’s Comprehensive Guide to Funding in Aging, please scroll down to the bottom of this page.

GIA thanks Alecia Torres de Valdez, formerly of the National Center for Creative Aging, for her contributions to this section.

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Getting Started

First steps if you are interested in funding arts and aging programs.
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Three men playing instruments on sidewalk

The Case for Creative Aging

Discover how involvement in the arts benefits older adults.
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Man playing a fiddle and man dancing

Health and Wellness and The Arts

Learn about the link between the arts and physical and mental health.
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Man smoking a cigarette at a painting easel reading

Lifelong Learning and the Arts

Read about how participating in the arts stimulates minds and creativity.
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A young person and middle aged person helping a senior woman with painting

Community Engagement and the Arts

See how arts programs help older adults stay involved in the community.
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Additional Arts & Culture Information

A list of helpful websites and resources.
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