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Learn the Basics

If you are considering expanding your funding portfolio to include aging, you may just want to find a few Fast Facts on Aging, or perhaps go deeper to learn more about demographic data, how the federal government funds aging, and/or which national funders have dedicated resources to aging. You may want to watch a short video that shows how we must adapt to meet the opportunities of an aging nation and world.

You can find all of this information here in Aging 101, including a helpful glossary of terms and acronyms regularly used in the aging field.

For quick links to each of the main sections in All Together: GIA’s Comprehensive Guide to Funding in Aging, please scroll down to the bottom of this page.

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Fast Facts: Aging in America

See how much you know about older Americans.
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Demographic Data to Strengthen Your Grantmaking

Where to find the data you need to determine what to fund.
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Federal Funding for Aging Services

A quick guide to Administration for Community Living grants.
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Aging Websites

Useful resources that can help answer questions about funding in aging.
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Confused by all the acronyms and terms in the field of aging? Here’s help.
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